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Been a while since we posted anything here in the Dallas Rent a Home/Area 214 Real Estate Site....well we've been busy getting into more commercial real estate business.  Since we have decades of experience in sales,  marketing,  retail and retail support (and come from family with decades more), we feel comfortable helping budding entrepreneurs:
1.  Find the right property
2. Find the right market--location location location, traffic, parking, other merchants in the are that will compliment what you're going to be doing.
3. Make sure local government regulations and rules are all checked.
4. Get the right contractors to help you get your location in shape...
5. Write Letter Of Intent and business plans...plus plan on marketing strategies to help hit the road running.
6. Negotiate with the Landlord and their agents in getting the best deal--Tenant Improvement Allowance, Abatements, NNNs and of course rent per sq ft over the term of the lease.   And if you want to buy the location, of course we can help there too.
As with all our work in Real Estate, we emphasize MAKING STUFF HAPPEN.  In this world of hurdles in communication and scheduling, finding the right people to work with, improvising, adapting and overcoming obstacles, that's exactly what an agent is supposed to do to earn their pay.  

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